Internet Fax Features

Using an outdated fax machine? You’re missing out on the innumerable features offered by online fax services. There are a number of online fax services. It is important to choose the right fax service according to your requirement.

Here are a few benefits of online faxing:

  • No fax machines are required
  • No dedicated phone line is required
  • No paper or ink required
  • Speedier internet faxing process
  • Lower phone account costs
  • Send multiple messages simultaneously
  • Higher security
  • Eco-friendly fax service

Features of eFax Internet Faxing Service

Electronic Signature: You can simply drag and put your signature stamp into your document.

Larger File Transfer: You can share large files i.e. images, videos, and presentations easily through eFax.

Cloud Storage: You can securely store all your faxes in the cloud. You’ll never lose your important faxes using eFax internet faxing service.

Features of Ring Central Internet Faxing Service

Ring Central Fax is accessible in the cloud. You can send and receive faxes and review faxes that you received in the past from any computer or mobile.

  • Send faxes to multiple users simultaneously
  • Sign faxes electronically
  • Use a toll-free or vanity fax number
  • No fax machine, dedicated fax line, paper or ink is required
  • Secure faxing
  • Fax alerts

Features of RapidFax Internet Fax Service

RapidFax serves thousands of customers meeting their online fax needs. This fax app not only preserves the environment but also saves time and money.

  • Easy to use
  • Toll-Free number
  • No busy signals
  • Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • Higher security

Features of MetroFax Internet Faxing Service

MetroFax is a popular internet faxing service for small to medium-sized businesses. Users can send and receive faxes online using MetroFax faxing service.

  • Cost-effective online faxing
  • Dedicated local toll-free fax number
  • Eco-friendly fax service
  • Higher security
  • Ease of use
  • 24/7 customer support

Features of iFax Internet Faxing Service

Millions of people across the world use iFax fax app for effortless,lightning-fast online digital faxing solution. As one of the first HIPAA-compliant efax apps, this app offers exceptional online fax experience.

  • Sign documents, fill forms, scan documents & send digital faxes from your mobile
  • No account or business details required
  • Free unlimited outbound faxing
  • Free incoming fax number
  • Cloud storage platforms supported
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